Sunday, February 27, 2005

Missing in action among Dem's options: Row-Office Reform Ballot Question

Allegheny County voters are going to vote to chang the county charter on May 17, 2005. The option before the voters deals with the reduction of row offices from today's ten to four.

This important question, however, was missing from the endorsement vote, so I assume.

Do the Democrats either endorse or reject the vote for Row-Office Reform?

I don't think that the question was put before the committee people of the party. This isn't my party, so I don't have much to gripe about. But, what's up with that? This goes to the theme of Dems not being -- oh hum -- democratic.

Another question is in limbo, so I understand from Joe King, president of the firefighters union. A petition was submitted to put a question on the ballot that concerns the national standards in terms of response times for emergency crews to arrive.

Again, for or against isn't the question. To be or not to be on the ballot for the committee people is the real question.

The firefighters' issue is going to come down to a decision on Monday, so I was told. The ICA and the city are in negotiations. The change to the city's charter might be injected within the new contract -- somehow, perhaps.

If the firefighters get their way with the contract, they'll pull the question off of the ballot. Humm. No need to get the voters opinion, again.

I'm sorta confused. How can a new union contract force a change to the city's charter?

I love democracy. I hate how the votes around here are so confusing. I think there is great insight within the ranks of the voters and from within the process of public campaigns. It is my hope and ambition to push for the inclusion of five ballot questions each election.

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