Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bill 999 has not been updated for the public view

The citizens of Pittsburgh, led in part by me, have called for a public hearing on bill 999 about new limits to be put on public comment before city council.

The law has had some changes, but the changes are not yet with the city's clerk.

Frustration boiled at council chambers on many fronts today. The bickering and disgust is spilling in all areas of our life on Grant Street. Now the fighting is not about money, as the money had gone away. However, the fighting among people and positions is still going on hot and heavy.

Mark Brentley unloaded about Dr. Thompson's early departure. Dr. T was let go without an evaluation from the board.

Mr. Liller annouced he'll be running for mayor. His passion is noted.

A mom spoke about the Sunshine Law and the treatment of council members and let it be known that her 11th grade daughter who works part time at the Martin Luther King Library was brought to tears when she got her recent pay check and noticed the loss of $52.

A mayor veto was sustained in another 5-4 vote. Rats.

Rats and rodents were talked of again.

This afternoon they huddle about the contracts with the police and firefighters.

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