Sunday, February 20, 2005

Experts are a few bricks shy of a full load

Of course the experts in Pittsburgh, given the trends of the current administration for the past 11 years, are mostly focused on the building and the location.
Gambling in the future - "Experts say the casino's design and location largely will determine whether residents derive enough economic benefit from the business to tolerate its traffic, parking congestion and effects on the city's leisure activities.

Bricks and mortar matter greatly to those in power now. Frankly, I'm hard pressed to find much more that matters at all with them.

The location and the building of the casino have little to do with the casino's eventual success or failure.

In Las Vegas, the buildings are of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, the services are of all types too -- from upscale lavishness to gutter grit. I'd say that the success or failure of the casino hinges upon managers. The city is failing, and the managers are at fault.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Where we put the stadium matters to the team's success?

The NFL's New England Patriots won a few Super Bowls -- from Foxboro. Perhaps we should move the Steelers to Beaver County so that the team can get past the AFC Championship Game?

Perhaps we need to rebuild Three Rivers Stadium so we can bring back the glory of the past?


Where the casino is built matters little in its eventual success or failure. How it is operated matter more.

Where the casino is built might matter greatly to the area however. That success or failure -- or grey area between -- is a different matter.

Point being: The experts look at bricks and mortar. Hence, they are to valued as real experts. What matters most in life isn't the hardware. Most of the real focus needs to be upon the software side of life.

My perspectives call me to focus more so on the software. Forbes Field was a magical place. Not because of the splintered wooden seats. Rather because of #21 in right field, Elroy Face in the bullpen, #8 at second, etc...

Think again, so called experts.