Saturday, February 12, 2005

Parties set to make picks for Wagner's Senate seat

Today's ink in the Post-Gazette:
Parties set to make picks for Wagner's Senate seat: "Besides the Democratic and Republican candidates, there will be a third hopeful in the race -- Libertarian Party candidate Mark Rauterkus, a South Side community activitist.

This is a solid article on the race as it looks today.

Yesterday I went to the Election Department and obtained the list of all the county's committee members for both of the old-parties. The list is a little old in that the open spaces can be filled with appointments. Those appointments are not always reported with frequency to the Election Department.

I could fax a copy of the public list to anyone who might be interested.

These lists should be open and revealed to the public, in my opinion. I like open and transparent representation. Both of the old parties try to guard their lists to a degree. Prove me wrong if you can. I'd be happy if it were not so.

Some stonewalling treatment would be expected if you tried to seek the list yourself.

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Anonymous said...

How large are the documents? Any chance you could scan and post them?