Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On the brink.... Brink of what?

O'Connor on brink of announcing another run for mayor Lamb, who announced his mayoral run Jan. 10, has said many of the same things.

He has also painted himself as a progressive who supports making local government smaller, including merging the prothonotary's office into other court-related county row offices, and has said he supports the cost cuts in the city's Act 47 recovery plan.

Peduto, if he runs, largely supports the same cost-cutting initiatives.


Thomas Leturgey said...

It will be interesting to see what city Councilman Doug Shields will do when both O'Connor and Peduto run. Shields was a long-time assistant to O'Connor, and when Bob left, he worked in Peduto's office.

Doug's a good guy and will be a good city councilman once we see who the Mayor will be and a couple of seats on council land where they may.

Bob and Bill will have a difficult time commanding the east end...they're both there. Interestingly, whoever can enable the southern neighborhoods (largely ignored by Murphy, aside from the South Side) in the past decade. Neither would be a "favorite" in the South Hills neighborhoods if the race were held today. But O'Connor has been here, albeit rarely, in the past during his other Mayoral runs.

It's a political fact that those from the eastern neighborhoods don't rely on voters in the southern neighborhoods, but no one will be able to win the Mayor's race without triggering excitement in active neighborhoods like Allentown, Arlington, Brookline, Carrick and Beechview.

Plowing and salting angular side streets, finding ways to erase graffiti and other "quality of life" issues will be paramount win it comes to winning votes south of the Monongahela.

Anonymous said...

O'Connor is on the brink of winning!