Friday, February 18, 2005

Open Senate seats here and there

AP -- open Senate seats The outcomes of the elections won't change the balance of power in the Senate, currently controlled by the Republicans, 28-19...

... The parties expect a closely contested and expensive race in a district where voter registration is evenly split.

Democrat strategists expect Democratic Rep. Jennifer Mann and Republican Rep. Patrick Browne to spend around $2 million campaigning for the April 5 special election.

'If that's what its going to take to win, then obviously we're committed to doing it,' Mann said.

So, the outcome matters little. But, the spending is big. If you need to be committed -- wonder when and if the insanity is not so distant in the future.

With local news, I had the chance to talk with City Councilman James Motznik, Dem. Jim worked in the office of Michael Diven when Diven was in City Council. Then Jim won the special election and has since defended his seat -- and is running again for another term as well.

Some think and feel that Motznik is a potential candidate for Diven's present state house seat should Diven depart the house. But Jim made it clear to me on the phone that he would NOT run for the seat as a Republican. He is staying a Democrat.

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