Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pippy hails Playbook for Progress

(My $.02 below.)
Plan helps state government respond to needs of families, communities

Calling it a “good framework” for the 2005-06 Session, State Senator John Pippy lauded the detailed legislative agenda for Pennsylvania General Assembly recently unveiled by Republican leaders.

Senator Pippy said the “Playbook for Progress” provides a good plan for developing legislative action to cut taxes, control state spending and improve the state’s economic climate as a way to foster job growth.

“This is a comprehensive proposal that addresses many areas of concern in the Commonwealth,” Senator Pippy said. “Through the proposed tax cuts and spending controls we will reshape Pennsylvania’s government to better respond to the needs of families, communities and job creators.”

The Playbook for Progress calls for:

· Election reforms designed to ensure that Pennsylvanians serving overseas in the military are allowed to vote, improve Election Day operations, and complete the implementation of a statewide voter registration system.

· Reforms to the state’s gambling law, including addressing the controversial ownership provisions that would allow an elected official to have an ownership interest in gambling-related companies, along with RICO provisions and giving the attorney general greater oversight powers.

· An emphasis on access to quality health care by encouraging use of Health Savings Accounts, developing a health care tax credit program for small businesses, and developing a collaborative approach in determining how to best utilize and direct any excess funds that may be held by the Blue Cross plans as they meet their social mission in Pennsylvania.

· A plan to make college more affordable for Pennsylvania families and working to build a program that would enable high school students to earn college credits while still in high school.

· The Keystone Manufacturing Initiative and a renewed commitment to cutting taxes on job creators -- both designed to create a better atmosphere for good jobs in Pennsylvania.

· Improvements to public safety, including increasing the state police complement – which the governor agreed to as he signed the budget but has since refused to implement – homeland security issues, and how Pennsylvania is spending money earmarked to fight bioterrorism.

· Protecting the environment by enhancing Growing Greener, the successful Republican-led environmental initiative, ensuring that Pennsylvania remains a leader in farmland preservation, securing a stream of funding for the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund, and improving flood mitigation efforts.

Reaction from Mark Rauterkus:

Where can I get a full copy, online, of the playbook for progress?

Where are there discussions about the crafting of the playbook?

What parts of the playbook did the Pippy office champion?

What kind of progress does Pippy find in the move to put Michael Diven, recent dem, up for election on the GOP side for a seat in the PA Senate?

Okay to call or leave comments below. I would have loved to have seen some URLs in the message sent out by the Senator's staffers.

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