Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Brochure text for campaign - draft 2 - comments welcomed.

Different pannels:

A final word:

"Although unpleasant, Act 47 is the medicine that can help Pittsburgh move away from the neglect of the past toward a positive, self-reliant future. What kind of fellow citizen do you want as your elected servant to insure we don’t move backward, but move forward?"

Help Mark:

Make a financial contribution to:
108 South 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Volunteer and get the word out:
Put up a window sign
Get signatures on petitions
Host a "meet and greet"
Distribute flyers or CDs
Call voters in your area
Attend a rally and concert
Work the polls

Call 412-298-3432 (Mark's cell)
or 412-481-2497 (message center).

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Mark Rauterkus
Pennsylvania Senate


Fiscally prudent with libertarian tolerance and independent spirit

Chooses to live in the historic South Side with his wife, Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D., and two children. Home-owners since 1990.
Catherine is a Pitt professor (School of Health & Rehab Sciences) and Director of Audiology for UPMC Eye & Ear.

Family history includes his being a stay-at-home-dad. Has perspectives of both an outside-the-home working parent and an at-home working parent.
Mark's dad is a retired PPS teacher. His grandfather started Duquesne Univ. School of Music.

Worked in recreational sports for children for nearly 30 years. Enjoys coaching swimmers at all levels. An advocate of private solutions to recreational needs.

Sought the 2001 Republican nomination for Mayor because he saw where Pittsburgh was headed.

Mark's platform:

Think Again
"After years of machine politics and fiscal irresponsibility, we're under Act 47. As dawn approaches, who do we trust? The same old broken machine or the dreams and hard work of Pittsburghers?"

End corporate welfare
"Corporate welfare bought us debt and sold out small business. Lower taxes will do more to stimulate job creation and attract new Pittsburghers than all the failed attempts to engineer your life, your liberty and your property."

Question Authority
"Stadium, Housing and Parking to name a few. I will not sneak around below radar using Authorities to operate against the interests of Pittsburghers. Sometimes having government do nothing is better than unleashing it to grow and entrench itself."

City-County Consolidation
"Some politicians say regional government is Pittsburgh’s answer. Cautious consolidation using public and private providers, not municipality mergers, must be seriously considered."

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