Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Caring Habits to gets some deserved props -- and a challenge for the proclaimation!

Tracy reported in an email about an interesting project. Great idea. Great outreach effort.
To achieve the message of February that "EVERYONE COUNTS" we have created a challange for ourselves. We have an application to the Guiness Book of Records to acquire the most signatures on one proclaimation.

On Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 9:15 am, Alan Hertzberg will initiate this proclaimation at City Council. EVERYONE, and ANYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND THIS SIGNING! But I need to know asap by Thursday AM, latest on whom will be in attendence at this initiation. We will then open it to our community throughout MW/DH and encourage signatures of all students and residents. We would like to acquire as many as we can by February 28.

I thank you for your support, hope to see you there.

RSVP by Thursday Feb 10, Noon to 412-481-3220 (Mt.Washington CDC), 412-922-6121 (Tracy's phone).

A number of populations are on edge with the neighborhoods, and this one is like the others. The mayor issued a veto to deny the request for a zoning change -- supporting lots of people, fighting the local council member, and hurting the proposed builder who was behind in his taxes at one point. An economic boycot was considered by some. Council had a 5-4 vote.

The Duquesne Heights Community Center is functional, but they need to have an armed guard at all their events now.

The city council seat is open, so a number of others are starting to line up for the job.

Others are doing some negative campaign work to make sure that the county knows the background of a candidate for the judge race.

The best part of the new effort with the Caring Habits effort is the healing. Tracy is very keen to the soft-side of life endeavors.

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