Friday, February 11, 2005

New thorn in the side of the NO-We-HAV efforts in west end.

See the comments to see Paul Senter's latest email. The refunds due some months ago have not yet materialized.

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Anonymous said...

To: the President and Members of Pittsburgh City Council

From: Paul J. Sentner
1024 Valonia Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220

RE: Council Bill 2005-1020 (WE-HAV Refund) February 9, 2005

Dear Councilmember,

Please be advised that the $125 fee paid by the 40-some residential
property owners who voluntarily signed up for the WE-HAV home equity insurance program was to cover a WE-HAV-sanctioned appraisal (at the bargain rate of $125.)

Each of those owners should have their appraisal in hand, thus they have the goods they paid for.

As you can see from the excerpt below from the WE-HAV text, the enrollees are due no refund, except the $20 "invoice" they may have paid.

Furthermore, please remember that most all of those who paid the $20 did so involuntarily, under the intimidating threat of lien by the WE-HAV operation functioning in an illegitimately-established NID, managed by an illegitimately-designated NID Managing Authority with the cooperation of the Mayor's Office.

Do not forget that the US Postal Service was used to deliver the threat in a blatantly deceptive invoice mimicking a City Tax Statement, produced by
the City Finance Department, for unsolicited services, possibly in violation of Postal Regulations,
and the circumstances of which amounted to extortion.

Because all of this happened with full knowledge of what was going on by the City and the NID Managing Authority, Council should act to require the NIDMA to make up the short-fall in the money collected/extorted and the
money turned over to the City upon Termination of the NID, so as to provide a FULL REFUND of the deceptively-collected $20 payments.

This whole matter has been an insult to the people of Pittsburgh, and an
affront to the principles of our USA-form of self-governing democracy.
Council should require accountability by way of restitution as a signal that such un-ethical behavior will not be tolerated. ..or will it?

Sincerely yours,

Paul J. Sentner
Elliott -- 412-921-5552 --- ---

From the WE-HAV text [page 8] in the Bill No.5 Public Notice of February

(b) Registration Fee. To apply for participation in the program, an eligible applicant must submit an application and registration fee of $125.00, which shall cover the cost of appraisal. Prior to accepting the registration fee, the governing commission shall inform the applicant of both the participant's and the governing commission's rights, duties, and obligations under the program.