Sunday, February 20, 2005

Harshness on His Honor and the hell-hole harshness of negativity from the Trib editors.

Peduto lines up support for mayoral campaign - Don't believe a word this man says. Anyone happen to notice Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy's shameless attempt last week to deflect blame for exorbitant city firefighter overtime costs?

So what. The Trib is known for being harsh on Tom Murphy. But, is the Trib ready to be less harsh on anyone else? We won't hold our breath. The same article, if it is one, pokes hard at Lamb.

LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER? Word on Grant Street is that a recent Lamb fund-raiser at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Downtown, didn't exactly result in a campaign windfall.

Someone who was there said there couldn't have been more than 90 people at the $250-per-person event, with many of those attending having received complimentary tickets.

Lamb is going to need to bring a lot more money to the dance if he hopes to have a chance against front-runner O'Connor.

It is always easy to name call and discount. John Thompson couldn't raise the money, or Mark Brentley didn't win at dog catcher, or Clinton's audio book is reselling at $9 used.

The management of decline is well illustrated in print there.

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