Thursday, February 24, 2005

Schenley, 73 - 50 and winners on girls side too

The Schenley hoops teams won the city league basketball games tonight at The Pete.

Last night I was part of a meeting that concerned our students at Schenley and the other schools that are part of the International Studies program. My children are in the Spanish Magnet at Phillips on the South Side. We walk to school. Phillips is part neighborhood school and part Spanish Magnet.

There are a number of other elem. schools around the Pgh Public Schools District that are devoted to foreign languages.

I'm not happy to see a 23-point spread in a championship game. Nor am I happy to learn of the gap in the perceptions of the programs from the present to the past. And, some schools are working hard at the languages in their daily lessons. Others don't.

When the kids merge at the Middle School, Frick, the wide range of knowledge and preperations make a strain.

The common theme: We need to raise standards. We need to have higher expectations. We are not satisfied. We want the kids to graduate and be bi-lingual.

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