Sunday, February 27, 2005

Email Blast: Hi Friends with and without spell checkers!

Two volunteers who share my overall concerns about Pittsburgh and the region, (webmaster, Jeff H., and wiki operator, Adam R) have established interesting interactive services that I'd love for you to explore.

You are invited to an online chat to occur from 11 to 11:30 pm on Monday, Feb 28, and Tuesday, March 1.

The focus of the online chat is to complete the found at:

Work on the has progressed for a few months. It has plenty of content (more than 100 pages), but I dare say, its not quite ready for prime time. We need to fill in some of the holes. And, what's there needs to be given more focus and editing help.

A face-to-face meeting is slated for the Ceramics Hobby Shop at 1302 East Carson Street on the South Side for a discussion at 9 pm on Tuesday, March 1. We'll talk about messages for the campaign and the various participants.

In my last email, I mentioned I was a candidate for PA Senate in the special election on May 17, 2005. I'm on the ballot as a LIBERTARIAN.

Today the Dem's pick their candidate for the PA Senate race. If Wayne Fontana is selected, as per the county charter, he SHOULD resign his seat there. A special election for County Council might be necessary. Want to run? I could always use some additional running mates.

On Monday, tune into 1360 AM at 4 pm as I'll be on the air with Jerry Bowyer.

Thanks for your concideration.

Mark Rauterkus
412-298-3432 = cell


Mark Rauterkus said...

Jeff's email went like this:

Hello Fellow Pittsburghers and Contacts of Mark Rauterkus:

I'm the new volunteer webmaster for Mark's building a
campaign for the PA Senate, and I'm going to help out. His approaches to
open-source technology, and to parenting, are especially appealing to me.

At Mark's suggestion, I recently installed a chat room:
You're invited to an online chat at that web address on Monday and Tuesday,
from 11 to 11:30 pm. We'll talk about the campaign then. We'll also talk
about the "Platform for Pittsburgh," a wiki. Contribute to the wiki at

Hope to meet you online soon.


Jeff Honnold
ClearMind Technology

ps. What's a wiki? The Wikipedia has a nice definition!
- - - - - - can help with additions, subtractions and changes for
your email.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea to set up an online chat session.

Mark Rauterkus said...

March 1st. 9PM-10:15pm, Retooling with Rauterkus. Campaign meeting at the office of a member of the committee, Chuck Nogal. Located at The Glazing Pot, a ceramics shop at 1302 East Carson Street. Chuck's shop is easy to identify as is has American flags outside and a sign with photo of Mark on the outside wall. If you want coffee and such, stop at The Beehive or Starbucks. He would like
to identify three issues for his campaign, such as creating
a good environment for jobs, ending corporate welfare,
improving transportation, and, of course, taxes.


I"m RSVP ing. I"ll be there.

Anonymous said...


I set up an account and tried to edit a little. Everything, including the chat room, is now coming up "page cannot be displayed". Could be late-night
maintenance at Verizon. Just figured that it's less problematic to edit when few others are apt to. Oh well.

I had been in contact Mark about some music, in particular my song
"Libertarian Blues". I recently did a re-edit on it, boosting the vocals a little and cleaning up a few other minor problems. We had also talked about our band "Lean" maybe doing some playing for the campaign.

Thanx for your efforts on Mark's behalf. I might be more involved, except that between the band and work I have a fairly tight schedule. I'm currently somewhat open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Mark has a link to my columns, published in the WPAM Mensa "Phoenix", our newsletter, and also appearing at:

Dave Hines

Anonymous said...


FYI - I have relocated to Southern California, but I did want to send my best wishes in regard to your campaign. I know your level of commitment to communities in the Pittsburgh area and I truly hope that you are able to secure the position.

Best of luck and take care.