Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Miss conduct in final motions in council on the We-Hav shut-down

The city was treated to another experience of total disregard the by City Council members. They collectively displayed a wipe to the people of District 2, and thereby all City residents.

Without any discussion or comment WHATSOEVER the vote was 8-0 in favor of passing Hertzberg's Bill 1020-2005. Sala Udin was conveniently not in the room.

Paul Sentner, an At-Large member of the committee, Elect.Rauterkus.com, wrote a blast email that incuded:
I have lightly mulled this event over, and at first I felt I /we should have spoken during the pre-meeting public comment period..

BUT -hey, they had the information via my e-mail document Thursday morning;
-their staff member had the phone conversation with me, AND the
information Friday afternoon;
-and a few others that I know of contacted some Council members;

Should not elected officials be expected to do the correct thing when
presented with the appropriate information?

--I concluded, as I decided to get this e-mail out, that if anyone of the Opposition had spoken this morning, and if speaking would have somehow embarrassed the vote into defeat of the Bill, we would still not know where the Council members are each coming from.

NOW we do; in my opinion, not one of them is worthy of elected office; not one stood up for the principle of the matter; except for a few owners who supported the tax, but weren't interested in enrolling, and those 40-some who did enroll, that money was -stolen- via -extortion- .

..that money is not Hertzberg's or Council's or anyone else's to do anything with but refund it (because it was illegitimately gotten, no matter what the NID Act says about funds reverting to the municipality.)

--and restitution should be made for the money spent because as I have noted before:
they knew what they were doing was illegitimate, and they went on with the rip-off anyway.

..don't kick sleeping dogs... and don't stir up the hornets...

This whole matter should be investigated by the proper authorities. Any ideas who the proper authorities are?

FYI: This "We-Hav" program was started in the city in certain neighborhoods. It was terminated due to a massive outcry among the citizens. The termination happened a number of months ago. Now as a final insult, the money that should be refunded to the citizens is getting shifted. Some of the money is going to go to those who purchased a home assessment. The assesment was a service that was provided. It came as a discouted price. The services were offered and rendered. But, the tax -- and artificial collected fee by an organization that had in its bylaws that citizens were NOT permitted to attend board meetings -- is getting less of a pay back.

I was against the We-Hav program. I was for its termination. I salute the citizens who mobalized and won the struggle in the end.

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