Friday, February 11, 2005

Wired: ponderings about new music with technology changing the landscape

Music matters for me for three different reasons. First, I enjoy and support it as a consumer, audience member, and fan. Second, the digial landscape is important as we build the campaign. We'll inject music and have done so already. Third comes the challenge of being one who governs. The lawmaker in me is going to be able to put my insights into action in the state house and among other law-making bodies.

Wired 13.02: VIEW Record labels are threatened by technologies that give fans access to music in ways no one ever planned. They plead with Congress for more laws to control the fans. Activist organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Knowledge (on whose boards this columnist sits) are fighting back. They (we) demand an end to the war, and the attack on innovation that it represents.

I am a friend of the open-source ways. And, I'm much more than a friend of those styles when I'm elected. We need to look out for the public domain. We can't just cave to the corporate lawyers.

These issues are in quick evolution in education, publishing, industry and the global culture. We need to have an understanding of the various forms and a strong sense of responsibility to the public at large.

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