Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wagner to elbow out Fontana, perhaps?

Grassroots PA: "BRING IN THE WAGNERS! In 42nd, Eileen To Defend Brother-In-Law's Dem Seat Against Diven and Rauterkus?

The story here is not the possible arrival of Eileen Wagner, sister-in-law to the new PA Auditor General, Jack Wagner, former PA Senator in the 42nd. Nope.

The real story is the slide of County Councilman Wayne Fontana, D. Fontana is in favor of TIFs. I'm against the concept of TIFs. I went to the County Council meetings, spoke against TIFs. The corporate welfare in TIFs are not popular with the citizens of the 42nd. Fontana is NAILED on this issue. Deer Creek Crossing is all that is needed to explain why I should get every vote from all the Democrats.

Meanwhile, Eileen Wagner is silent on the issue.

The other important part of the Fontana slide it the fact that I'm raising the question of his resignation, as per the rules of the Charter of Allegheny County. This charter rule was put before the voters of the county on two recent occasions. The voters like the rule. The politicians hate the rule. The politicians don't want to follow it, even after being an endorsed candidate.

If Fontana was serious about the State Senate race, he would hav e already resigned his county council seat.

Wayne Fontana might be toast at this time. He has a long career ahead of him, but, the smart Dems see the writting on this blog.

Again, my personal view is that I'd love to be in a race with Diven and Fontana. That would be good for my personal career. The Libertarian party could see a ten-fold increase in its ranks, for the two weeks leading up to the election. People are not going to be happy to switch out of the old parties before the deadline for the primary switch. But, after that deadline passes, we'll be making registration switches like hotcakes.

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