Sunday, February 20, 2005

Race coverage -- Fontana is to resign any hour now, it seems. Who takes his place?

Fontana seeks nomination - Mark Rauterkus, of the South Side, is running as a Libertarian.

With the rules of the county charter looming large, Wayne Fontana is going to resign from County Council. When that happens, any hour now, I fully expect, then a series of events is to unfold.

First, the county council gets to appoint a new member to the County Council to fill the rest of the term of Fontana. That has to happen within 30 days and that person must be of the same party of the outgoing council memeber.

So the second question is -- who gets the short term appointment.

Furthermore, who is going to announce as candidates for open county council seat? This will be a special election to occur May 17, 2005.

This is why Fontana needs to vacate his seat as soon as possible.

I'd love to have a running mate to campaign with in a shared quest.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Word is that Wayne will hand pick his replacement and the rest of council (at least a majority) will give their okay.

Then there's no reason why, if Wayne would lose the election, he couldn't just be handed back the county council seat.