Sunday, February 13, 2005

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New tools ease collaboration and publishing online The idea is to make it easy to quickly post and remove stuff from digital bulletin boards where the online communities of the future will gather to catch up and trade ideas, images and work.

'We're turning the Web into a conversation,' said Glenn Reid, chief executive and founder of Five Across Inc.

Link goes to a nice article. But, that isn't new, really.
Blogs can get you fired ... she started a 'Bloggers Rights Movement,' calling on other bloggers to sign a petition demanding that companies let employees know their blog policies."

Meanwhile, the backlash is nasy for some who are not insulated.

What I'm doing, running for public office, isn't for everyone. I realize that I'm one of the very few who are fortunate enough to have the built-in protections with job safety. I'm not an island. But, I don't have a the normal sets of worries that 98% of the rest of the population.

I'm thrilled to study, endorse and greatly extend sensible bills of rights for bloggers and whistleblowers.

As we clean house and put fresh insights into office, piles of dirt are going to surface. Everything won't be fixed with one victory on the polls on election day. In time, as others see that we are strongly committed to open, direct, accountable, responsible, problem solving -- a flood discussions will emerge.

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