Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rendell, Comcast and Cable Modems still undelivered in Pittsburgh

Post Gazette: GOP turns up heat on Rendell 'Ed Rendell is on the payroll of Comcast and the state delivers a large grant for Comcast. People have a right to know who made that decision,' he said.

The city of Pittsburgh has a cable franchise agreement that has bounced around and now resides with Comcast. Used to be TCI and others. In the contract, clearly visible on the web, it says the city is to get some 80+ cable modems for use in city rec centers and senior centers. These provisions were made years ago.

Phili deals hatch skyscrapers and mega tax breaks. We in Pittsburgh, despite my attempts, can't even get some stinking cable modems to advance technology literacy.

Perhaps this will be next week's new release on the heels of the Bush visit and since a few of the Rec Centers opened again.

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