Saturday, March 05, 2005

Tuesday -- two events on Transit

Peduto's campaign workers put this call out:
On Tuesday at 10:00 AM, Councilman Bill Peduto will be introducing a resolution calling on the SPC to support the use of flex funds to avoid PAT Transit service cuts and fare increases. We want to fill the room to show the region how important this issue is to Southwestern Pennsylvania. Please join us in support of public transportation.

RALLY TO SAVE PUBLIC TRANSIT, 10:00 AM in City Council Chambers, 5th Floor, City County Building, 414 Grant Street

The regular city council meeting is at 10 am. So, the rally must be the public comment period before the meeting. People get to speak for 3 minutes each. No need to sign up in advance. A real rally at 9:30 am on the steps of the city county building, then the 10 am meeting might have worked better. But, people might not show up to the rally at this date and time.

I'll be sure to have my transit statement at 10 am too.

At 7 pm, at an event on the North Side at Finnegan's Wake, (Drinking Liberally, no charge to enter), I'll give more details as to what to do for transit and how I plan on helping as a State Senator. Please attend if you can.

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