Thursday, March 03, 2005

Simple reading of county charter reveals the details.

Clearly states in the county charter, a candidate can't be on council

Wayne Fontana is in violation of this part of the
county charter (in PDF).

A County Council Member, (such as Wayne Fontana, the vice-chair no less,) shall not be a candidate for nomination or election to any elected political office other than that of County Council without having first resigned from County Council.

We are working hard on County Row Office Reform. What about the reform that is taking place now due to the rule-breaking of the charter. We need reform. But we need to not break the existing structures that are in place.

Sometimes we don't need reform.Rather we need to replace these people. We need respect. And when things don't go as they should, we need to react.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Tip: See page 3 of 18 for the specific section.

Adam said...

It looks like he has no intention of resigning any time soon, as he is still scheduling meetings of his "Special Committee on property assessment".