Sunday, February 06, 2005

Call Out for Stories of Preschoolers

Nice lead:
Sticky Notes: Call Out for Stories of Preschoolers: "Call Out for Stories of Preschoolers

The Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers are now accepting submissions for Chicken Soup for the Mother's of Preschoolers Soul. Deadline is April 29, 2005. Payment is $200.

New friend is publishing a book --- well --- perhaps I shouldn't leak the topic.

Family matters are important to me. We've got a lot of great stories about our kids. Trouble is, we have to ask our friends to tell them to us as we have to re-write over those parts of our brains to keep room for the more recent chapters in the saga.

Isn't it wonderful how parents have this built in partitition in their hard-drives (brains) that often exceeds the disk quota and re-writes the stuff that should be zapped.

Recently. Grant (1st grade) was asked about his teacher. Do you like Ms. Moore. He said, "Yes. She gets most of my jokes." His K teacher got all of his jokes.

Grant raised his hand in class, just after the student teacher's evaluation teacher from the campus departed the room. Grant's in a school where there are a lot of teacher education opportunities throughout the week. There is a dynamic flow of mentoring and student-teacher activities. Grant's question to the student teacher," Can we miss-behave now?"

Today in LifeCraft at our church, Erik, 10, got to sing his song called "Family."

If you happen to remember any of the stories from our kids -- plug em in here and we'll go for the $200 bills.

Our best outcome -- no pullups. They never came into our house. Both boys did potty training on their own. Both came to the realization and asked, "Why are you putting a diaper on me?" I use the toilet now. Sure. Okay. Done.

I guess we'll get our struggles in other matters.

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