Sunday, February 06, 2005

Letter to the Editor - welcome in the GOP

Beaver County Times Allegheny Times

Democratic Allegheny County state Rep. Mike Diven announced he was switching his voter registration to the Republican Party last week.

Diven stated that state House Democrats have consistently chosen to pursue political soap operas and personal agendas over the concerns of hard-working, law-abiding citizens.

Diven went on to say that he has learned how the legislative process works, and, sadly, how out of touch the leaders of the Democratic Party have become with the very real needs of workers, small businesses, retirees and young people.

House Democrats departing their own caucus have become quite commonplace under the leadership of House Minority Leader DeWeese and House Minority Whip Mike Veon.

Diven joins a long list of departing Democrats to the GOP in recent years. These include former representatives Pat Carone (Butler), Ed Krebs (Lebanon), John Lawless (Montgomery) Thomas Stish (Luzerne), and now-state Sen. John Gordner (Columbia).

As a Republican, I welcome Diven to the Republican Party and embrace his call for putting people above politics. Perhaps following the sixth departure under their caucus leadership, DeWeese and Veon finally get the message.

Dennis Pittser Jr., Bridgewater

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