Monday, February 07, 2005

FAQ & A: Running as ...

More outreach brings more questions. Great. FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions. I try to write the question and the answer, hence, FAQ & A.
Actually, I have checked out your blogs more. I have to ask this: are you running as an independent or a Republican?

I'm running for PA Senate in the special election on May 17, 2005 as a LIBERTARIAN.

I joined the Libertarian Party the day I read the news covered on the front page of both daily papers about an 18-page letter written by five Republicans outside the city (Jane Orie, Mike T, etc). They wrote a letter that gave advice to the oversight board (I.C.A.) about the city. Meanwhile, I had called those Rs in the county and with positions in Harrisburg on MULTIPLE instances. Dozens of calls were placed to some of those who had the time to craft an 18-page letter but qouldn't field any of our concerns.

If they had the time to write that letter -- and the letter had some good and some bad within it -- but not sit with us in the city who know what's what -- then they are hardly friends of mine nor are they friends of the city. I had had enough. I was and still am - a little "down" on what came out of Harrisburg. I care about the city and the county. I'm a volunteer. My understandings of what's been going on around here have proven to be on the mark for a number of years.

Now I'm a LIBERTARIAN. I was elected to the county Libertarian Party Board since then.

Then I accepted the nomination to run for the PA Senate in the 42nd in December at the holiday party / monthly meeting.

Should I run for Mayor, I stand by my words expressed in October on the KDKA radio show with Chris Moore. I'd run as an INDIE.

I hope to be a State Senator. I'm working hard in this quest. I have a lot to offer in that role, for the region, the city, our kids and our freedoms. We need to climb out of the ruts we find ourselves in -- and this effort for a state office as a Libertarian just makes good sense. It makes brilliant sense when you begin to explore and consider what the two old parties are doing.

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