Monday, February 07, 2005

Song: KARATE LESSON by Dave Hines

You're busy casting out your demons, I'm told
Just please be careful. Yes please be careful.
Don't demolish what is best in your soul
As Mr. Nietzsche said a while ago.
When you find something to believe in
You're inclined to carry the word
to the heathen living all around you
and you cry to make yourself heard

Hold to your center.
Keep balance true.
You may discover
the truths inside of you.

When living isn't still the reason for life
we've lost our balance.
We've lost our balance
Restless yearnings are the causes of strife
Wiser men than me have said it before:
There's a time to think about the future.
There's a time to cherish the past.
It's a gift living in the present.
Only now is a moment to last.

(CHORUS two times.)

1 comment:

Mark Rauterkus said...

Originally released on Luminus CD "Learning Curves."

Song is on the pending play list for the community album.