Saturday, February 05, 2005

Is the Democratic Party crumbling?

With the complete failure of the Democratic Party in the Federal government, I have to wonder if the Democratic coalition is breaking up. Does the party just need new leadership and a new message, or is there something at the core of the DP that keeps it from winning elections? Perhaps the party contains a diverse group of voters who simply don't have the same interests anymore, and no candidate can create a national majority with that group.

A study conducted by the Washington Post provides some insight into the various viewpoints that make up the Democrats and Republicans. As you might be aware, not all Democrats are stereotypical "liberals". Many Democrats (social conservatives and libertarians) have much more in common with certain segments of the Republican Party than they do with other parts of the Democratic Party-- but overall, they agree with the Democrats more than the Republicans.

So does the Democratic Party still have anything to offer it's voters, or is it just draining their energy by running hopeless candidates at the Federal level and maintaining corrupt machines on the local level?


Thomas Leturgey said...

Liberal Democrats are the screechers of today, much like the "Radical Right" during the Clinton administration. In fact, the vast majority of D's and R's alike are most likely closer to "The Center" of ideological issues.

If Howard Dean becomes the leader of the DNC, the wackiest, leftist part of the party will continue to alienate those who oftentime support more fiscal conservative ideas.

Most Republicans aren't as "fringe" as Newt Gingrich, and good gosh, no where near the philosophical freak that remains Pat Buchanan.

Times will again switch to a Democrat power base. Things looked bleak for the GOP when George H.W. Bush was (quoting Tom Brokaw here) "fired" by the American voting public when he faced that upstart Bill Clinton.

Let's just hope that the lefty's don't go "more left" and righties don't go "extreme right." The true consenus, dare I say, "mandate" is more in the middle.

Ol' Froth said...

Dean is outspoken and passionate, but "wacky and leftist?" You might consider a guy with a 100% rating from the NRA wacky, but certainly not leftist.

Anonymous said...

Dean is far from a leftist.