Thursday, February 03, 2005

Meeting update

My wife is out of town for two days, in DC. So yesterday was on the wild side. Plus, I had to cover swim practice too. Right after school my sons and I went to the second meeting for the task force on campaign finance reform organized by Bill Peduto's office. Then swimming and then to a late night burger with fries (more on that later) at Mario's upstairs for a short presentation.

Mark Rauterkus spoke to Democarcy for Pittsburgh meeting on Feb 2, 2005 Click image to go to the blog for Democracy for Pittsburgh and then to see more photos there or at the MeetUp site. The photos were taken by one of the 2 Political Junkies.

I was able to give away 30 CDs, the last in my stockpile of version 2.1, my half-page no TIF handout, a posting about hiring campaign folks (text below), the All-Star handout that gears up for no-sweatshops (new from C.T.), and a plug for the event on Saturday with League of Women Voters.

Questions were asked. Hope I did okay with the replies. What's a TIF? Libertarian with kids and strong support of public school? School vouchers? Abortion? Cutting the size of state house and reps.

In the talking parts, I plugged a few items about "democaracy" in my platform. Making some authorities go away while making all of them accountable with retention votes. Thumbs down for Mon Valley Toll Road, Tunnel under the River for T expansion, glass-enclosed subway station in Gateway Center. Thumbs up for land-value tax, neighborhoods with swim pools, rec centers, wellness plans including clinic opportunities, youth technology at the convention center to ground the kids and give deeper roots.

The CD with the song, One World, from Mindy should be a great final statement to the audience. Hope they listen and catch the message.

About 35 in the house and I think I must have had the spotlight for about 10-15 minutes. I tried to be brief but the questions kept flowing, thankfully. The is open and all are invited there for more facts, positions and input.

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