Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pirate Fest and the Gulf Building, dangling questions still unresolved.

What ever came of the Gulf Tower's "salute" with the Pittsburgh Pirates by lighting the 44-story building's dome red during games? Visible from PNC Park, the tower was to salute Pirate homeruns and winning games with cascading white strobe lights.

Did major league baseball cracks down on this illegal activity?

Are more fans bring lawn chairs to watch the tower than attend games. And, the lawn-chair viewers can bring water bottles that are larger than 20-ounces.

The cascading white strobe lights are actually because of a short in the wire and happen when a guy gets out of his seat or uses bathroom. And the cascading white lights are hall-light on, bathroom light on, bathroom light off, hall light off.

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Ol' Froth said...

While they used to flash the strobe at the very top of the tower when a Pirate homered at home, I don't ever reacll the Gulf building "cascading" the lights on the pyramid.