Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Now Hiring

You are invited to consider, apply for and interview for a position with a
new team. The campaign of Mark Rauterkus for Pennsylvania Senate would like
to deploy your talents in meaningful opportunities in the weeks and months
to come.

Help make waves and win battles on issues. Building team seeks creative
participants. Earn political capital at the polls and gain experiences. The
special election for PA Senate is May 17, 2005.

Apply to: Launch Director, Robert Maple, an indie voter with email to:

Wanted: Tech literate, engaged citizens who want to make history and not be
a slave of it.

The Elect.Rauterkus.com campaign committee has people from all parties (and
that's more than two), various sections of the county, wide experiences and
diverse aspirations. http://Rauterkus.com http://Platform.For-Pgh.org
Candidate: Mark Rauterkus, 412-298-3432 (cell phone) Headquarters in the
historic South Side. (EOE - of course)

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