Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pledges grants

Can we get it right once in a while, please.

I am in favor of safe pedestrian avenues, walking to school, crossing guards, ped bridges, curb cuts, bike lanes, and cross-walks. There are few if any that are as jazzed about sidewalks. The urban life needs clean and safe passage.

I've pushed strollers around town to a point that the tires went bald. Pittsburgh stinks in its surface treatments. Oh the stories that I'd tell -- for another day.

So this is great news:
Rendell pledges grants - PittsburghLIVE.com: "repair sidewalks and curbs and put up signs and maps in Oakland's Fifth and Forbes avenues corridor."

But the sticking point for me is that there are no schools around Fifth and Forbes, other than the colleges and universities. If we had an elementary school or middle school in town, that would be a different matter.

Fifth and Forbes needs a serious touch up. The present administration has starved that area by design. This area needs extra help, but it should be from the city, not the state.

When we burn money from the state, it is still our money. I don't care if you take it from the front pocket or back pocket, it is still our money. That money came from us, the taxpayers.

We need to take care of what we got. We can't punish areas like has been done at Fifth and Forbes and with other parts of town. We can't let our guard down so far. These sidewalks and curb cuts need to be a much higher priority.

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