Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Swim and skate opportunities

The two events, both with a sporting theme, were fine events.

The Carlington High School guy won as they host Montour. Pack the pool night worked. Meet at the meet worked. Should have made hand fans. Do that for next year. Got to meet with some swim parents in the stands.

The outdoor Schenley Ice Rink for Peduto's event was fun. Schenley Park, a RAD Park, (no RAD parks are on this side of the river) delivered good weather. A group of rug rat neighborhood kids came along for a good cause. Bill Peduto is gearing up for a two race season. He'll be defending his city council seat and, perhaps, being on the offense for the mayor's race. More news in a few weeks on the mayor's run.

My wife, kids and some friends should be there. My boys were the one's with helmets. Our family uses the rink once a week or more throughout the winter. They all love to skate. Sadly the city's lone indoor ice rink is closed, still.

When I do my kickoff for my re-election campaign, I'll make the party at the re-opened indoor ice rink on the South Side. I expect it will be a new building, energy efficient, green and such. And I expect it will have a private operator too, like it used to have.

I'd be involved and deliver plenty of oversight and management. When the private operators don't do what is required by contract, they'll be gone. The city did too little, too late and was too closed in the past in terms of these deals. And, the city shares much of the blame for cutting weird deals as well.

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