Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Philadelphia & Saidel tops campaign cash list

Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/01/2005 | Saidel tops campaign cash list: "Philadelphians got their first glimpse of some of what really matters: the money.

Oh my gosh. Think again. What really, really matters is NOT the money. Money can't buy you love. Money can't buy you talent. Money can't buy you health. Money can buy you the friends that you might not really want.

New campaign-finance reports reveal who of the dozen or so rumored Democratic mayoral contestants spent time actively raising money last year.

At the top of the heap: City Controller Jonathan Saidel, who has raked in nearly $194,000, ending 2004 with nearly $380,000 in the bank for a campaign committee...

I'm on the task force that is working on a new suite of laws for Pittsburgh's campaign finance reform matters. We meet for the second time tomorrow.

The City Controller in Phili is a big advocate of the Land Value Tax. That is also a big point in my campaign. And, for Pittsburgh, we had it and lost it, thanks to Bob O'Connor. So, here is something that Phili is moving to and Pittsburgh is moving from. Harrisburg, as in the city of Harrisburg, has made some great strides to the land value tax and is seeing great results.

Great quote: "How much money a candidate raises is an indication of what sort of appeal he or she has to political fat cats."

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