Monday, February 07, 2005


Diven Senate win would give GOP a toehold in city - PittsburghLIVE.comGOP a toehold.

Think again.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Hi Bill, Hi Colin, Hi Dimitri:

Help. There was a rather long story in today's trib (Monday) that talked about the PA Senate Race's Dem and Republican candidates -- but ignored me.

I'm trying to hire Coro Fellows, Campaign manager, recruit other candidates for other races and get facilities to offer up spaces for special events.
Coverage that misses the whole story is going to kill me -- again.

Same in 2001.

Dave Brown called and said it was a mistake of a weekend reporter. He only was going to cover the R's side. The article has three reporters on the
by-line. None got the full story.

I'm about to send out an open letter to the city's Republicans. I hope it gets coverage -- as a make-up.

It is time for a feature, laurel, something. Colin, did you get to hear the tune, One World? Mindy was in town for a concert two weeks ago. We did a radio show too. Next big concert is slated for April 7. The headline song: "Don't Put Me In a Box."

I have other things to say about the Diven story and the overall race as well. When is Wayne Fontana going to resign for County Council? That is part of the County Charter.

Why have Diven, now that a toe-hold was won, flee the State House? Then the Dems would win back the seat.

Good to see Frank G. Jr. mentioned in the story by the Trib that didn't mention me. There were some good points to the article.


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