Monday, February 07, 2005

More words and insights into Dave Hines

Dave and I have been talking. Here is more from him. If you want to help filter what can and should be included within the platform, please lend your remarks.
David Hines column Born in a mill town, David Hines has seen work as a furniture mover, computer programmer/analyst, and professional musician. Observation of politics began as a toddler, since the polls were in his parents' store. He developed a keen interest in history when permitted some independent study time in junior high school.

With a wide range of interests, he is accused by friends of possessing more useless information than any other of their acquaintance. He has officially studied music and psychology, and unofficially nearly everything else. Like many a Mensa member, he can usually be found hip deep in books. Detractors can blame the thin air of the Rockies, where he once lived, for the dearth of brain cells.

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Anonymous said...

Flavius Vespasianus, where are you?

Goes well next to Markus Rauterkus.