Monday, February 07, 2005

Song: Quantum Uncertainty by Dave Hines

Quarks are runnin' round my brain.
Their politics are quite insane.
I need a dose of Ritalin
So I won't be a kid again.

A dropout has explained to me
the shape of relativity.
He's in need of close restraint
'Cause normalcy's not his complaint.

Quantum Uncertainty...

A pigeonhole, a cookie there
we standardize our children's care.
Assimilate and don't be deaf
or answer to the ATF.
(Resistance is futile!)

Two million plus in prison camps
pushing papers, licking stamps
working for the master race
selling stuff in cyberspace

Checkers spell 'cause humans don't.
If it takes effort, then we won't.
The best is what they say it is
in magazines about the Biz.

Tonal centers shift around
to make a most obnoxious sound.
But sometimes chaos has a place
in speaking to the human race.

Quantum Uncertainty...

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